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Flexible Numbering for PDF Documents

Flexible Numbering for PDF Documents

Hexonic PDF Numberer is a tool for adding page numbers to existing PDF documents. Multiple files can be processed at once with custom text and flexible control over layout and appearance. Just drag PDF documents into window, edit numbering options, click "Number Files", and you’re done.


- Process multiple documents at once

- Define font, size, style, color

- Numbering position can be anywhere on the page

- Specify start and end page for numbering

- It is possible to use placeholders: Page number, page count and metadata

- Multiple settings can be saved as job and reused later

- Roman numbers can be used for numbering

- Preview

Hexonic PDF Numberer Freeware offers the same functionality as the commercial version, but is restricted to process a maximum of 5 files at once and is intended for private, non-commercial use only.For commercial use, the Commercial Edition must be purchased after a trial period of 30 days. The Commercial edition is available for USD 24.90.

Prerequisite: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

It is possible to use placeholders for the numbering text: Page number, page count, last page number or document metadata (e.g. document title, author, keywords, subject, creation date) can be inserted into the text.

This software is intended for anyone who needs to add numbering to existing PDF documents.

Hexonic PDF Numberer


Hexonic PDF Numberer 1

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